Just Like a Native!


Read Anything in Spanish… and Pronounce it Correctly!

 When you learn how to pronounce Spanish correctly, you will be able to read anything in Spanish, even words you have never seen before!  Sounds crazy?  Keep reading…

 You don’t have to know Spanish in order for a Spanish speaking person to understand what you are reading to him/her.

 Would you like to be completely sure how to pronounce each word that you read in Spanish?  How would you like to be able to read something on the phone to a Spanish speaking person?  Even something you don’t completely understand?  If you pronounce correctly what you read, the person on the other end of the phone will understand you!  This could be very handy to give instructions, provide information, or even to save someone’s life! 

 In this practical 5-week course you will learn:

  • How to pronounce Spanish words correctly
  • How and where to put the emphasis to each word
  • How to separate each word in syllables (a must for correct pronunciation!)
  • Plus lots of Vocabulary Words!  

At the end of the 5 weeks you will feel much more confident when you read any word in Spanish, even if you have never seen it before! 

 Whether you want a Jumpstart in Spanish, or just want to improve your Spanish pronunciation, you will find this practical, life-skill course to be just what you need!






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