Student Feedback

Student Feedback for Claudia

 “Excellent Educator! You Need To Meet Claudia!”

– Ashley from Houston, TX

I am a teacher here in Houston and Claudia is helping me gain proficiency in the Spanish language. I highly recommend Claudia! She is a skilled educator and she has a kind and positive personality. I couldn’t have asked to find a better Spanish teacher!

I must admit that before we first met, I was a little nervous to begin working with someone in my home. I have never tried anything like this before; however, the moment Claudia greeted me at my door, I was put at ease! She is incredibly easy to follow and a pleasure to work with during lessons. Most importantly, she makes sure that lessons proceed with a natural flow and at an appropriate pace so that I am challenged, but successful. She is very in tune with my needs and is helping me to improve my Spanish by leaps and bounds! I would recommend Claudia to any of my personal students or colleagues at school and I recommend her to you as well.

 “Excellent Spanish tutor!!”

– Jin from Houston, TX

I only had three sessions with Ms. Claudia so far, but we’ve already covered basics, some grammar, and about 70 vocabulary words. An hour goes by really fast. She has many exercises that help you memorizing vocabulary and pronunciation. She is very patient, organized, enthusiastic, professional, and always on time. I’d recommend her to my friends and I’m looking forward to having many more sessions with her. She is the best Spanish tutor!!

 “Great Tutor!!!”

– Catherine from Houston, TX

Great tutor. I would recommend her to anyone. Very patient. She worked very well with my 10 year old daughter.

 “Great Tutor! “

– Garrett from Houston, TX

Claudia is a great tutor! Very professional, organized, and always on time. Claudia always has supplemental vocabulary as well as the lesson plan in the book. Very flexible in helping you reach your specific goals for Spanish. As my girlfriend is a nurse, she was able to tailor her sessions toward Spanish in the medical profession, while at the same time teaching me Spanish for business. A native speaker, she has been able to help me quite a bit with my pronunciation, as well as demonstrating the difference in accents from around the Spanish speaking world. Would definitely recommend!

 “Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!”

Robby from Houston, TX

Claudia es excelente! She has helped me so much. I needed someone to practice with, and she has done that, and more. She is a very structured, and organized person. She implements new ways to make the lesson fun, and relevant. One word summary: Excellent!

 “Excellent teacher”

Sandra from Houston, TX

My son needed help with his spanish and we are very happy we got Ms. Claudia to work with him. He is a lot more confident with the language and his scores in school have improved. He feels that Ms. Claudia is very patient with him, and she also works very hard to help him to be successful. He will be doing spanish again next year, and I will definitely use Ms. Claudia again if we need to.

 “Excellent tutoring”

– Marie from Houston, TX

I really enjoy my Spanish lessons and I feel my Spanish has improved so much over the last few months. I think my motivation to learn is her motivation to teach me.

“the best tutor”

– Flora from Houston, TX

Claudia ia a wonderful teacher. She is very kind, very patient, and very understanding. She has been helping my nephew and niece who came to America three months ago. They love her and they have learned a lot from her. We wish her a lot of success and thank her for her hard work.

“Very helpful tutor!”

– Will from Houston, TX

Claudia is an excellent tutor!! She has been helping me with an online college Spanish course that I am taking. I couldn’t do it without her since I am trying to teach myself some very difficult material. She is very helpful, friendly, and always on time!

“Great Improvment “

– Theresa from Houston, TX

With the help of Claudia’s tutoring our son raised his grade from Spanish I to Spanish II one full letter.

“Excellent Tutor”

– Alex from Houston, TX

Claudia has been a private tutor for two of my children more than a year. She is patient, systematic, and progressive based on students’ own degree of mastering. She is always prepared and prompt on each lesson. My children have been enjoying her lectures as well as improved their Spanish skills a lot. She has encouraged
my children to open eyes for another language and culture. I will highly recommend her to anyone.

“Fantastic tutor/very patient “

– Melissa from Houston, TX

I discovered Claudia on the … website and she has far succeeded my expectations. I am an adult who needed to speak, read and write Spanish. She has been very thorough with me and takes her time explaining things.
I would recommend her or anyone who needs an in home tutor. Soft spoken and always eager to please. If you have a child or adult that needs to learn she would be my number one pick!!!

“Great tutor!”

– Evgenia from Katy, TX

Claudia is a wonderful tutor, very understanding and always very responsive. I started taking Spanish classes with Claudia about 3 months ago and didn’t know a word in Spanish. I started reading in Spanish already after our 2nd class and now I can keep a basic conversation for about 15-20 minutes. I like Claudia’s personal attitude to the student and feel very at ease with her. I would recommend Claudia as a great teacher to everyone who is willing to start learning Spanish!

 “Fabulous tutor/teacher!!!”

Kristi from Cypress, TX

My kids were very reluctant to learn Spanish but Claudia has made her lessons extremely fun for them! She has well planned lessons including songs and games to keep the kids challenged and motivated. I highly recommend Claudia!

 “Great tutor!”

Betsy from Katy, TX

Our son has really enjoyed working with Claudia! He’s already learned quite a bit in the past couple of months! She is always prompt, pleasant and ready to go as soon as she walks in the door! She is patient with him and very encouraging! We are glad that we found her!

 “Wonderful first lesson!”

Maddie from Katy, TX

Claudia and Maddie had a wonderful first lesson. I can tell she is very good and extremely patient with her students. We are certain this will be very much worth the effort and expense. Thank you Claudia we can’t wait for next week!!!

 “Excellent Tutor!!”

Beverly from Houston, TX

My daughter disliked the study of Spanish before working with Claudia. Now she looks forward to the tutoring sessions and has a much better understanding of the material. Claudia is extremely professional and organized, dependable and easy to work with!

 “Great tutor”

Danette from Houston, TX

We have been very happy with our tutor and really want to keep her for the next school year. 
We are going to take a two-month break and begin again in August, and would like to use Claudia again.
Thank you.

 “Great Spanish Tutor…”

Neda from Houston, TX

We are happy with the way Claudia teaches and we would like to continue with her lessons. She is punctual and she always informs us ahead if there is any change in the schedule. She is patient. She always takes time to make sure to finish her discussion, even though it would take a few more minutes beyond the hour. 

Overall, we are very happy with her and we would highly recommend her.

Neda and Sara 



–         Jennifer from Cypress, TX

We are enjoying our lessons with Claudia. My kids like her very much and are already showing off their new skills.

 “Great, worked well with our schedule, completely professional and very nice”

– Ruth from Katy, TX

It was a complete pleasure meeting Mrs. Claudia. My husband and I were very happy with her approach and technique of tutoring. Our son Cody, was very excited about her as well following the tutoring session. We look forward to working with her, and would hope that she will continue as his spanish tutor through the end of his sophmore year. 

Definitely a 5 star tutor and personality to match.

Thank you WyzAnt, and Ms. Claudia for helping us out.

Ruth, Abraham & Cody

 “Excellent Tutor great sense of humour”

Beverley from Houston, TX

Claudia is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and has a great sense of humor. I feel I have learned a lot in such a short time. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and look forward to next week. She only goes at the pace I want and doesn’t rush me at all. Excellent tutor!




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