Word Power

Word Power lessons are exciting! 

My students have lots of fun practice to reinforce what they learn.  Their vocabulary increases tremendously, and it also improves their Grammar.

 Every week they learn between 15-20 new words, see etymology (Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, derivatives) which will unlock the meaning of hundreds  of words! They learn in depth a great many words, some of them may already be familiar with, but an analysis of the structure will add richness, color, and precision to their meaning.  They get excited as the new words begin to pop up with increasing frequency in their reading, because they are more conscious of them, more aware of their meanings, their derivations, etc.  After just a few weeks they  notice how much this class is helping them to do better in other school subjects, and their confidence in learning increases. The weekly homework is easy and repetitive.  By the end of the year they will have learned more words than the average adult acquires in several years!

Contact me for private or group rates:  cbarrett@family.net


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